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While giving birth to the twins, Zara was positioned to come first. Phares grabbed Zara and pulled him back and Phares was born first. Now about Tamar (beautiful, date palm)

The date palm is the oldest cultivated fruit tree in the world. It can be found in scripture from Genesis to Revelations. It has been considered and called the "Tree of Life". In ancient days God told mankind that it could be used for food, shelter and medicine. Even today and throughout ancient history its trunk is used for lumber, it's palms are used to weave baskets, rugs, ropes, shelter and even furniture. It has been used in art and architecture even to this day. It was a symbol of life, victory, royalty. The people waved the palm branches when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and spread them before him as a symbol of Him being King. It's where we get the term Palm Sunday. Archeologist found 2000 year old seeds while excavating where Jews burned their food and then had committed a mass suicide rather than be captured by the romans. Miraculously those seeds were germinated and resurrected after 2000 years, just as Israel was resurrected after 2000 years.



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