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Abraham ~ Father of multitudes

Isaac ~ one who rejoices

Jacob ~ supplanter, one who takes the place of

Judas ~ traitor Judah ~ praise

Phares ~ breach / division Zara ~ God remembers

Tamar ~ beautiful date palm

Esrom ~ dart of joy

Aram ~ ram

Aminadab ~ My people are willing

Naasson ~ helper, entry way

Salmon ~ peaceable, perfect, rewarder

Booz ~ In strength

of Rachab ~ grow strong

Obed ~ servant of God

of Ruth ~ sorrow, pity, grief

Jesse ~ the Lord exists

David ~ Beloved

Solomon ~ Peace

of her that was wife of Urias ~ God is light

Abia ~ God is my Father

Asa ~ healer, physician

Josephat ~ the Lord is Judge

Joram ~ Jehova is exalted

Ozias ~ strength from the Lord

Joatham ~ the perfection of the Lord

Achaz ~ takes or possesses

Ezekias ~ God gives strength

Manasses ~ making to forget

Amon ~ teacher, builder, wealthy protector

Josias ~ God supports and heals

Jechonias ~ preparation, stability of the Lord

and his brothers about the time they were carried away into Babylon

Salathiel ~ asked or lent of God

Zorobabel ~ a stranger at Babylon

Abiud ~ Father of praise

Eliakim ~ God will establish

Azor ~ a helper, a court

Sadoc ~ just, justified, righteous, sacred

Aachim ~ He whom Jehovah has set up

Eliud ~ God is great

Eleazar ~ God has helped

Matthan ~ Gift or hope of the Lord

Jacob ~ Supplanter, one who takes the place of

Joseph ~ He will add

Mary ~ beloved

JESUS ~ Savior / God's salvation / the way, the truth, the life

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