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There is Always Good

Yes this world is more twisted and upside down than it was just2 years ago.  Before the pandemic we took so much for granted and since then our lives not only changed, but the entire world around us.  We see posts all the time about bad things happening and people calling good evil and evil good and well, there is just so much bad out there. But what I see is also the good it has brought. The natural disasters and man made disasters have created a backdrop where goodness is more visible.  There are more people turning their attention towards God. More people praying, more people praising and worshipping all over the world. There is nothing taken for granted anymore. People are more thankful, more gracious, more kind, and it shows. In the darkness is when God's light that is in you shines the brightest. Thank you Jesus, that there will always be your goodness shining through to us.

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