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Hello everyone! This is Minister Teresa Taylor. I thought I would update you as we near the Easter season. I have added a daily scripture to our website. This is not an app and it is not available yet on our app but hopefully I plan to upgrade and figure that out in the future. It may not be in the near future, but it is something I hope to improve. Also while it is available on our website, there is a subscription button that will deliver this to your email inbox if you prefer. This is not an automated daily scripture that i put in place. I literally edit our website daily in order to give you what ever scripture God leads me to that day. If you follow along daily, you will find that there have been a couple days that I have missed or been late in posting the new verse. Please forgive me and bare with me.

In order to protect my Dad's privacy, I will not go into details, however I want you to know that I am my Dad's caregiver. I could write a book on all that requires physically, mentally and emotionally. I do want you to know that it is impossible to walk this path without God. With each walk to his place to care for him my prayer is "Holy Spirit be my guide, ever walking by my side." Daily I am faced with difficulties and challenges that exceed those of a normal daily life, and often exceed my own abilities. At times I find myself in an impossible situation. But what is impossible for us IS possible with God. Like I said, you cannot walk the path of a caregiver without God. It is a journey that challenges you, grows you, makes you face your own weaknesses and strengthens you in many ways as a human being and a spiritual being. It is a responsibility that God has given me for a purpose. Only when you go through something like this, can you truly understand and help others who are faced with this life changing situation. And believe me, those who are caregivers need all the love and support they can get. The smallest most simple things become the most endearing and appreciated.

I noticed that when God made me my dad's caregiver, He stopped leading me in writing sermons. He never puts on us more than we can bare. But I sure do miss the time I would spend with Him in writing the sermons He would give me. That is why I started the daily scriptures. It was actually my husband's idea. When I mentioned to him how it bothered me that God was no longer giving me sermons to write and teach, he told me to spend 5 minutes each morning with just a daily scripture. And God has given me that and reminded me that every day, throughout the day, I am still ministering His Word and teaching of His Kingdom, in living it and telling it to those I am in contact with daily and those He sends to me. He reminds me that His work began with family and that He is fully able to keep working on what He started with John 1:1 Ministry without me, while I am working on the job He gave me taking care of my dad. We are all in good hands with a mighty Savior that we are so unworthy of. There are no words for the depth and breadth of His love, goodness and mercy. It is so overwhelming and overflowing, and it fills my soul so much that it runs out of my eyes as tears.

So this is why you have not seen any more sermons lately, but one day they will return again and hopefully some audio and video to fully experience the Word and grow in faith. Remember Faith comes by hearing the Word. Another thing that is weighing on me is Communion! First of all you need to know that you can take Communion at ANY time, not just the Easter Holiday. All believers are commanded to do this in remembrance of our Savior. It is also not to be taken lightly. If you do not understand communion, do not take it. I will be posting a teaching on it to help new believers understand it before they take part in it. I will also be posting a time when we will take Communion and how you can join us in that.

God has also shown me some projects that we will be working on in the future, in the Phillipines, in Israel, in Africa and in a few states here in the United States. But that is all I can give you. God has plans for you and for John 1:1 ministry.

I encourage you to be obedient in your tithes and offerings.

"Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again." ~ Luke 6:38

Thank you for all of your prayers and for being a part of John 1:1 Ministry and helping to further God's Kingdom throughout the world. God bless and keep you always.

Minister Teresa Taylor

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